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Summer, summer, summer time!

We hope you're busy enjoying your favorite warm-weather experiences, including the use of your ALL-NEW extracurricular activities listed
at this link. That's right now you can play tetherball, sand volleyball, horseshoes, bocce ball, soccer and much more at eight of your favorite parks countywide!

While you're out there, keep an eye out for the magnificent, amazing, beautiful Monarch butterfly. With its incredible life cycle and journeys to and from Mexico, we're so fortunate to have it in Northeast Ohio! Please enjoy the video with Chief Naturalist John Kolar at right, then 1) spread the word, 2) plant milkweed and 3) let some lawn grow to do YOUR part!

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Mary Ann Sedivy's Journey Through Geauga Park District Through October 16 at The West Woods Nature Center Gallery
The Works of Plein Air Painters
Through October 16 at The West Woods Nature Center Oak Room
Joshua Clark's Moments in Nature
Through October 17 at Big Creek Park's Meyer Center


Restore Nassau Astronomical Observing Station

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If you or a member of your family has special needs, please call us regarding available accessibility accommodations.

Dial 440-279-0814 for
non-emergency ranger calls.

Geauga Walkers
Tuesday, September 23, 1-2:30 PM
Eldon Russell Park, Grounds
Join other active seniors on weekly hikes in Geauga County and the surrounding area.

Maple Town Tune Traders
Thursday, September 25, 7-10 PM
The West Woods, Oak Room A & B
Singers and musicians sign up for one of six 15-minute informal performance spots upon arrival starting at 7 PM.

Spectroscopy: Using Rainbows To Study The Universe
Friday, September 26, 7-8:30 PM
Observatory Park, Robert McCullough Science Center
How do you take a star's temperature? For that matter, how can you tell what's in Jupiter's atmosphere? Or that there's helium in the sun? It's all because of spectroscopy: using the rainbow of light from an object to tell what it's made of.

-- program requires pre-registration

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