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Geauga Park District strives to connect you with the most inspiring elements of the Great Outdoors, and when it comes to our programming, we're all synced up with this part of our mission. To find arts-focused programs, click Find a Program/Event above and, from the Choose an Interest drop-down menu, select Arts.

Art Ideas for Kids
Inspired by the art in Nature, Girl Scout Shannon Stanforth established a children’s Nature art club for her Gold Award project in 2016. Working at different Geauga Park District parks in each season, Shannon led groups to create art projects depicting Nature through various mediums. Her project plans are made available here for others to enjoy. We hope you are inspired by the art in Nature, too!

25th Annual Nature Arts Festival

Sunday, August 7, 2016 • 10 AM to 5 PM • Big Creek Park *** NEW LOCATION ***
Click here for vendor information and applications, an event schedule when it becomes available and more!

21st Annual Nature Writing Contest

Congratulations to the following winners of this year's contest, who will all be honored during the 25th Annual Nature Arts Festival.

Child Categories
1st Place Poetry - "Untitled" by Martha Kennedy
2nd Place Poetry - "Nature" by Brooke Misch
3rd Place Poetry - "Pip, a Sound Poem" by Ireson Ross
1st Place Prose - "The Silent World" by Alexandra Vaduva

Adolescent Categories
1st Place Poetry - "My World is in the Summer Wind" by Marie Wallie
2nd Place Poetry - "A Fintastic Time with Grandpa" by Aisha Smith
3rd Place Poetry - "Love You, Rain" by Annelise Wallie
Honorable Mention Poetry - "The Peace of Nature" by Lucy McNees
Honorable Mention Poetry - "Untitled" by Kalaya Cervantes
1st Place Prose - "Reliving Summer" by Annelise Wallie
2nd Place Prose - "The Climb" by Maya Stupica
3rd Place Prose - "The Darkness" by Sophie Sabel
Honorable Mention Prose - "Thistle" by Angel Pamonicutt
Honorable Mention Prose - "Adventure in the woods" by Elizabeth Wallie

Adult Categories
1st Place Poetry - "Autumn's Lesson" by Nancy Murphy
2nd Place Poetry - "Red Tailed Logic" by William Schwing
3rd Place Poetry - "NOW" by Sandy Woolf
Honorable Mention Poetry - "Among the Roots" by Kevin Frederick Smith
Honorable Mention Poetry - "Weather All" by Joann Celleghin
1st Place Prose - "Night Flight, Night Sight" by Heather Snively
2nd Place Prose - "Yeah, But We Don't Buy Salt Licks" by Peggy Crimaldi
3rd Place Prose - "Shoot Her" by Michael Dielman

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