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Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.”
Native American Proverb

The citizens of Geauga County and Northeast Ohio have preserved a precious gift for future generations; the spectacular natural resources known as Geauga Park District. Responding to the need to connect community to this incredible land, the Geauga Park District Foundation was formed in 1991.

Geauga Park District Foundation is a 501c3 fundraising organization working to support Geauga Park District. Its mission is "to build enduring assets for Geauga Park District." For 21 years, the Foundation has energetically supported park programs that ensure community accessibility and that provide educational opportunities. The result is twofold: 1) growing numbers of community members have developed an appreciation for nature while learning from the wisdom it offers, and 2) teaching our youth to love the wonders of these woodlands helps to ensure that future generations will also preserve this precious legacy. 

Things We Value

  • Community Engagement - Working together creates shared ownership
  • Financial Responsibility - Accountability for the funds entrusted to us
  • Future Generations  - Why we do what we do
  • Growth & Change  - Embracing new ideas, thinking and acting “out of the box”
  • Leadership  - Visionary, adaptable, vital, courageous, committed
  • Lifelong Learning - Continuous growth in knowledge and awareness enriches us all
  • Transparency - Openness in all aspects

The Geauga Park District Foundation operates independently to raise funds for and collaborate strategically with Geauga Park District. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised and distributed to Geauga Park District nearly $6 million towards projects that have expanded the breadth and depth of its community outreach.

The Foundation supports Geauga Park District as the leader in environmental education in Geauga County. Geauga Park District provides environmental education aligned with Ohio’s Science Content Standards to approximately 44,000 school children and adults each year. Each program is carefully designed to: 1) increase knowledge and appreciation of the natural world, 2) teach skills of observation and model respect for the natural world, and 3) motivate citizens to be responsible stewards of our environmental treasures. By connecting knowledge, attitudes and behaviors linked to appreciation for and responsible stewardship of our natural resources among community members of all ages, Geauga Park District succeeds in:

  • Encouraging health and well-being through the great outdoors
  • Connecting families and individuals in park activities that both inspire and enhance relationships and community connectedness
  • Perpetuating commitment as the next generation learns to appreciate and care for Nature’s gifts

The extensive programs that Geauga Park District Foundation fundraising makes possible guarantee that our incredible natural resources will never be underutilized and under-appreciated. Examples of the enhancements to our parks made possible through contributions to the Foundation include:

  • Picnic shelters, trails and other park amenities for the public’s use and enjoyment
  • Observatory Park and all related educational programs that will be offered
  • Educational endeavors such as the new Chip Henry Institute for Outdoor Adventure and Geauga Park District’s Nature Scopes, which serves hundreds of local fifth-graders annually
  • Field trip bus transportation each year for thousands of Geauga school children
  • Interactive, large scale educational exhibits at The West Woods Nature Center, such as Snowbelted, Wild Nights, Bio-Centennial and Engage the Ice Age
  • Events such as the Nature Writer’s Coffeehouse and the Nature Arts Festival

Visionaries created your Geauga Park District, and we
continue to call on visionaries to perpetuate the legacy.

The Geauga Park District Foundation invites you, too, to reach above and beyond, and invest in our parks. Your investment will assure that Geauga Park District remains accessible, safe and protected for generations to come.

Questions regarding gifts and/or the Foundation can be directed to:

ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF, Geauga Park District Foundation

Cindi Boehnlein

Foundation Administrative Assistant

DEVELOPMENT OFFICE, Geauga Park District

Emilie Gottsegen
Development Director

Teresa Runion
Development Associate



The mission of Geauga Park District Foundation is to build enduring assets for Geauga Park District.
The Foundation will foster a legacy of philanthropy for Geauga Park District through community engagement and investment.