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Administrative Offices

Donald W. Meyer Center
Big Creek Park
9160 Robinson Road
Chardon, OH 44024

Phone: 440-286-9516
Fax: 440-286-1285
Email: info@geaugaparkdistrict.org

Click here for the Board of Park Commissioners' page.

Park District Departments


John Oros, Executive Director

Anna McDonald, Executive Administrative Assistant - Ext. 0836
Grace Hickox, Receptionist
Anna Bratnick, Receptionist
David Kidon, Receptionist
Stacey Rauch, Receptionist

Stephanie Zigman, Human Resources Manager - Ext. 0832

Planning & Operations

Matt McCue, Director of Planning & Operations - Ext. 0813

Tommy Yokum, Park Planner
Daniel McConnaughy, Park Planner
Paul Pira, Park Biologist
Joel Firem, Land Steward
Jennifer Weitzel, Land Steward
Tami Gingrich, Research Assistant

Brett Bellas, Grounds & Facilities Manager
Steve George, Construction Foreman
Tom Salo, Construction Tech
Isaiah Shipman, Construction Tech
Shawn Harry, Foreman (North)
Tom Mansfield, Foreman (South)
Chris Maksim, Foreman (West)
Maintenance Techs
Matt Cross
Matt Farrar
Hans Geiss
Tom Robbins
Joe Slepko
Jerry Tvergyak
Mike Valko
Josh Inks
Mike Petrof
Samuel (Todd) Farrow
Hailey Burns
Mason Berkey

Business & Visitor Services

Michele Pennell, Director of Business & Visitor Services - Ext. 0831

Gloria Freno, Finance Manager
Dawn Sweeney, Finance Assistant

Don Lombardy, IT Manager
Lucas Beamer, IT Assistant

John Kolar, Chief Naturalist
Judy Bradt-Barnhart, Naturalist
Dan Best, Naturalist
Dottie Drockton, Naturalist
Linda Gilbert, Naturalist
Chris Mentrek, Naturalist
Nora Sindelar, Naturalist
Karie Wheaton, Naturalist
Denise Wolfe, Program Coordinator

Sandy Ward, Communications Specialist
Teresa Runion, Special Events Coordinator
Holly Sauder, Volunteer Coordinator & Events Assistant
Vicky Liptak, Graphic Designer


Dennis Sloan, Lt. Ranger - Ext. 0819
Allan Frantz
, Ranger Sergeant
- Ext. 0827
NOTE: Dial 440-279-0814 for non-emergency ranger calls.

Dennis Sloan, Lt. Ranger
Larry McKinnon, Ranger
Mike Benesh, Ranger
James Kailburn, Ranger
Denise Weisbarth, Ranger
Mike Rose, Ranger
Brian S. Kerr, Ranger
Ed Hunziker, Ranger