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Geauga Park District provides numerous scenic trails for horseback riding.

Please ride responsibly and follow the guidelines below:

1. Horseback riding is permitted ONLY along designated horse trails and on park roadways. Off-trail riding is prohibited.
2. You are responsible for cleaning up after your horse in parking lots and roadways.
3. Please don’t ride through streams or enter any body of water other than at trail crossings.
4. Never leave your horse unattended except at a designated hitching rail or horse shelter. An overnight picket line is available at Headwaters Park Campsite B.
5. Be aware of other traffic that you may encounter on trails such as hikers, dog walkers, cross-country skiers and cyclists. All users are responsible for sharing the trails and other courtesies.

Where to Ride
Addresses below are horse trailer parking areas. Click the parks to visit their pages and download trail maps.
## = Indicates trails that do not allow bicycles

Beartown Lakes Reservation
18870 Quinn Road, Auburn/Bainbridge Twps.
Whitetail Trail Loop 1.5 miles ##

Big Creek Park
9160 Robinson Road, Chardon Twp.
Creek Trail 2.1 miles ##
Highline Trail 0.8 miles
Big Creek is a 624-acre park named for scenic Big Creek with its many ravines and tributaries creating a landscape of varied terrain. The Creek Trail is a well-drained gravel trail for horseback riding accessible from Woodin Road and includes hills with breathtaking views of the Creek and its valley surrounded by mature forest, wildflowers and wildlife. The Highline Trail east to Robinson Road has some portions that are primitive and challenging.

Chickagami Park
17957 Tavern Road (Route 168), Parkman Township
Overlook Loop 0.12 miles
Camping Access Loop North 0.35 miles
Camping Access Loop South 0.4 miles

Frohring Meadows
16780 Savage Road, Bainbridge Township
Big Bluestem Trail 2.8 miles

Headwaters Park
13365 Old State Road (Route 608), Huntsburg/Claridon Twps.
Buckeye Trail 2 miles
Maple Bridle Trail 1.4 miles (seasonal)
Headwaters Park is 926 acres of natural forests, meadows, streams and wetlands including the 420-acre East Branch Reservoir. Views of the western shores of the lake are possible from the easy two mile gravel Buckeye Trail. During dry weather riders can add variety to their ride by traversing the primitive Maple Bridle Trail through the forested hills and meadow west of the Buckeye Trail.

Sunnybrook Preserve
12474 Heath Road, Chester Township
Woodland Trail 0.8 miles
Jumping Mouse 0.5 miles

Swine Creek Reservation
16004 Hayes Road, Middlefield/Parkman Twps.
Gray Fox Trail 1.2 miles ##
Meadowlark Trail 0.4 miles
Sugarbush Trail 0.2 miles
Wagon Trail 0.8 miles

The West Woods
9465 Kinsman Road (Route 87), Russell Twp.
Affelder Link 1.1 miles ##
Ansel's Cave Link 0.7 miles ##
Music Link 0.7 miles ##
Pioneer Bridle Trail Loop 2.7 miles ##

The West Woods is a 910-acre park protecting Sharon conglomerate sandstone ledges, Silver Creek and its watershed of ravines and streams, wetlands and mature forests. Horse trails are well-drained gravel with hills, bridge and stream crossings. Riding out and back on all the trails open to horses can provide approximately eight miles under hoof with habitat diversity that is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

In an emergency dial 911. To contact the Rangers for non-emergencies, call (440) 279-0814.