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Natural resource management is the process of providing active conservation stewardship, or care of plant and animal species within the various habitats. It often requires proactive measures to control both invasive plants and animal species that alter the balance and health of a natural area. Volunteers sometimes help with this work as well - click here to read their stories. As public and private landowners, we can all do our part to ensure good management and stewardship are part of our conservation ethic.

For its part, your Park District's Natural Resource Management Department treasures its role in this mission – maintaining a healthy balance throughout all Park District the properties.

Its strategies to do this include:

  • Establishing natural area corridors (trail access between parks and community)
  • Creating new and expand existing databases for resource management
  • Developing a priority plan for controlling and managing invasive plant and animal species
  • Establishing long-term monitoring in parks to record base-line data and tracking changes
  • Incorporating ecologically based stewardship practices that protect biological integrity