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The Maple Highlands Trail
Big Creek Spur
9280 Ravenna Road
Chardon Township
(Chardon, OH 44024)
Open dawn till dusk
Central section access from Mountain Run Station

Sign coordinates N 41° 37.066 W 81° 13.353

wheelchairscross country
(Horses allowed on Middlefield section ONLY)

Burton Wetlands
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The Maple Highlands Trail is a 12.4-mile long linear park that utilizes sections of the abandoned Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad corridor. The trail currently extends from Colburn Road at the Lake-Geauga border to Headwaters Park in Claridon & Huntsburg townships. Download the trail map here.

When completed, The Maple Highlands Trail will extend a total of 20 miles, allowing users to travel from Colburn Road all the way to Reeves Road in Parkman Township.

Update 11/10/14: The new south section of The Maple Highlands Trail is now open! Click here for a map that includes details about the new section (extending below Headwaters Park), and stay tuned to this page for an announcement, coming very soon now, of the opening of the new north section (the part that looks like a bent arm above Chardon).

The Maple Highlands Trail – North
This section of the trail was completed in summer 2003. It travels parallel to Route 44 and extends south 4.2 miles from Colburn Road to the Chardon city limits. A segment of the trail branches east, where a 20-car parking lot is located at 9280 Ravenna Road, Chardon Township.  More than half of the cost of the parking lot, which has two handicap-accessible parking spaces, was paid for by the Ohio Department of Transportation. Anticipated completion is fall 2014 for an addition connecting the north section to Fifth Street in Chardon.

The Maple Highlands Trail – Mountain Run Station
12601 Chardon Windsor Road, Hambden Township
This section was completed in 2007. It travels travel east and south from South Street in Chardon to Headwaters Park, traversing 8.2 miles through woodlands, along wetlands and farm fields. There is parking, Chardon Rotary Shelter, a picnic area and restrooms available at Mountain Run Station.
The Maple Highlands Trail – South 
This roughly 7-mile section was completed in fall 2014. It takes travelers from Headwaters Park in Claridon Township to Reeves Road in Parkman Township. Geauga Park District and officials from the Village of Middlefield worked cooperatively to provide this leg of the trail, which accommodates bicyclers, rollerbladers, pedestrians and Amish buggy traffic.

All sections of The Maple Highlands Trial are open daily from dawn to dusk. Consideration of others will make everyone’s experiences more pleasant. Please remember the following: 

● The trail is only open to non-motorized forms of transportation (motorized wheelchairs permitted).
● Bicyclists and rollerbladers should travel in a controlled, responsible manner at all times.
● Pedestrians always have the right of way.
● Bicyclists must yield to all others.
● Keep right except to pass.
● Pass with caution: announce that you are passing so as not to startle others.
● Move off the trail when stopped.
● Pets must be leashed; clean up after your pets.
● Trash receptacles are not provided: “Pack it in, pack it out.”
● Yield to law enforcement, maintenance and emergency vehicles.
● Respect private property: stay within the trail corridor.
● Know your limitations.
● Keep your bicycles and rollerblades well maintained; check tires and brakes before you start out.
● Wear brightly colored clothing and proper safety attire (e.g., helmets, knee pads and footwear).
● Take a bottle of water to avoid dehydration.
● Carry a cell phone and proper ID in case of emergencies.
● Obey all traffic signs and yield to cross traffic at intersections.

Click the map below to see The Maple Highlands Trail's Big Creek Spur plotted by Google Maps and get directions.

From I-90: Exit I-90 at Route 44. Travel south 3.2 miles to Clark Road. Turn east onto Clark Road, and travel to Ravenna Road. Turn right onto Ravenna and travel approximately 1 miles to The Maple Highlands Trail parking lot, located on the west (right) side of Ravenna Road.

From I-422: Exit I-422 at Route 44. Travel north 14 miles to Chardon Square. Continue around Chardon Square to North Street. Travel north approximately 2.5 miles to The Maple Highlands Trail parking lot, located on the west (left) side of Ravenna Road.