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Most famously, Geauga Park District is home to a 21.7-mile cross-county bike path called The Maple Highlands Trail that makes it possible to bike from Chardon to Middlefield. Volunteers even ride this trail on a regular basis to ensure it’s a clear and safe path for you to enjoy!

Check out the map of parks listed below to explore their biking trails, or please enjoy perusing the resources below, including trail etiquette and any upcoming opportunities to bike with a naturalist.

Stay safe out there Trail Etiquette

  1. Bikes yield to walkers. On the South Section, both bikes and walkers yield to horses.
  2. Keep right except to pass. Pass with caution.
  3. Announce that you are passing so as not to startle others.
  4. Move off trail when stopped.
  5. Yield to all law enforcement, maintenance and emergency vehicles.
  6. Respect private property; stay within trail corridor.
  7. Obey all traffic signs, especially stop signs.
  8. Yield to cross traffic at all intersections.