Geocaching & Location-Based Games

High-Tech Hide & Seek Set your coordinates to fun

Did you know that you can use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (“geocaches” or “caches”) anywhere in the world? It’s a free, family-friendly, high-tech hide and seek! This outdoor treasure-hunting is even enjoyed right here in Geauga County, where naturalists hide a new cache each season for you to find in the parks.

Scroll down for this year’s ongoing caches and rules for placing your own game piece in the parks.

NEW! Location-Based Gaming in the Parks Agents of Discovery

Head to The West Woods anytime to play our new location-based game, Agents of Discovery, with new missions and challenges placed monthly in 2023!

Explore the app now by downloading it on your smartphone using this QR code:

To play, just open the app while you’re at The West Woods and search available missions. We’ll tell you which trails to walk, and as you approach each challenge, it will become available for you to play. Challenges in this park will change each month, so make sure to come back monthly during all four seasons to play them all.

Participants will not only explore the park and learn about its wild inhabitants, but also earn Park District-swag rewards and perhaps also elite leaderboard status…so why not give it a shot?



Complete the last two missions of the year for a chance to win this cozy warm 59” x 49 1/4” sherpa blanket! We’ll give you a punch card when you finish the mission in November, then stamp it and take it back when you finish the mission in December, which will officially enter you in a random drawing for one of 10 available blankets. Winners will be notified the first week of January.

Have fun exploring The West Woods in cooler weather, and good luck!

What to find Seasonal Caches

Fall 2023

Whitlam Woods
N 41° 37.878
W –81° 11.440

We must confess, these woods can be a muddy mess. That’s why this one is hid upon a ridge. No need to seek down in the creek; this cache hangs out where two tree trunks did sprout. You’ve got it made, but if that’s too vague, if you want to prevail, search left of the trail.

Expires January 1, 2025


Summer 2023

Observatory Park
N 41° 34.972
W -81° 04.940

This tree was made for Cachin’
And that’s just what it’ll do.
One of these days you’ll find it,
it’s just what you gotta do.
Take the Planetary Trail or alternate mowed
meadow edge to find this unique tree.
Definitely head toward the outer planets
to hasten your trip.
This is a fun little cache you won’t want to skip.

Expires July 1, 2024


Spring 2023

The West Woods
N 41° 27.320
W -81° 18.268

Let’s try something new, a bit out of the blue.
It might seem a bore just sitting on the forest floor,
but this cache is locked up, and soon you will find
that a twist here and there will open it with time.
A clue you will read to find the right key.
Hope you had fun by the time you are done!

Expires January 1, 2025


Winter 2023

Sunnybrook Preserve
N 41° 31.860
W -81° 18.262

Here in these woods, we hid some geocache goods. Just down the trail and over the brook, you’ll find a dead stump that’s worth a good look. Your trail choice is great since it’s a big figure eight. Walk long or walk short and soon you’ll report, a new cache discovered much like many others.

Expires April 1, 2024


Fall 2022

This geocache, previously located at Veterans Legacy Woods, has been disabled due to construction. Thank you for understanding!

Want to strike out on your own? Place Your Own Cache