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High-Tech Hide & Seek Set your coordinates to fun

Did you know that you can use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (“geocaches” or “caches”) anywhere in the world? It’s a free, family-friendly, high-tech hide and seek! This outdoor treasure-hunting is even enjoyed right here in Geauga County, where naturalists hide a new cache each season for you to find in the parks.

Scroll down for this year’s ongoing caches and rules for placing your own game piece in the parks.

Introducing the New Covered Bridge GEO Trail

Print your own GEO Trail Passport from the link below to enjoy our newest geocaching adventure The Maple Highlands Trail Covered Bridge GEO Trail complete with a limited edition trackable GEO Coin that you can earn by locating all 19 caches and solving a word scramble puzzle!

GEO Trail Passport (printable)

Cache #1
North Bridge

N 41° 34.365 W 81° 11.751

Cache #2
N 41° 34.657 W 81° 11.166

Cache #3
N 41° 34.369 W 81° 11.097

Cache #4
Sign of the Times
N 41° 34.249 W 81° 10.352

Cache #5
Taylor Wells Rd. Bridge
N 41° 33.723 W 81° 09.399

Cache #6
Cuyahoga River Bridge
N 41° 33.667 W 81° 09.284

Cache #7
N 41° 33.669 W 81° 08.492

Cache #8
High Point
N 41° 33.475 W 81° 07.708

Cache #9
Time Out
N 41° 33.058 W 81° 07.225

Cache #10
“En Garde”
N 41° 32.412 W 81° 06.776

Cache #11
Many Trunks
N 41° 31.500 W 81° 06.350

Cache #12
Stick or Stake
N 41° 30.981 W 81° 06.105

Cache #13
Do You Feel Lucky?
N 41° 30.356 W 81° 06.101

Cache #14
It Used to Be a Grand View
N 41° 30.064 W 81° 06.190

Cache #15
Reel Me In
N 41° 29.680 W 81° 06.188

Cache #16
Perfect Fit
N 41° 29.518 W 81° 06.060

Cache #17
Tare Creek Bridge
N 41° 28.829 W 81° 05.610

Cache #18
Fits Like a Glove
N 41° 28.053 W 81° 04.773

Cache #19
Way Down South
N 41° 27.967 W 81° 04.687

For more info and clues on individual caches, click the title of each cache for its description on

What to find Seasonal Caches

Summer 2022

Burton Wetlands Nature Preserve
N 41° 26.601
W -81° 11.222

Though you walk on this kettle,
it’s not made of metal.
No way you can fail
heading northwest on this trail.
Was once a live cherry, but now to the contrary.
This cache can be found
four feet off the ground.
Like it or not, it’s in a tree knot.

Expires July 1, 2023


Spring 2022

Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve
N 41° 33.216
W -81° 12.028

The trail is a big loop, but who gives a hoot?
‘Cause where you are bound, few trails can be found
and fish can’t be caught on unfinished knots.
This lake is too small to fish from a yacht.
Some rhymes hold no clues, but don’t get the blues. Just south of sunset would be a good bet.
No, the cache won’t be on the wet solid ground —
however, it will be found near the drive’s turnaround.

Expires April 1, 2023


Winter 2022

Frohring Meadows
N 41° 29.702
W -81° 21.842

Many walk by and some stop to read.
(It’s sort of a shame they don’t play this type of game.)
The challenge here is to retrieve unseen
this cache in view for all to see.
Then, once you are done, there still is more fun.
This one seems real close, but away in the oaks,
a second cache hides for wondering eyes.
Part A of this cache can be accessed from the
main parking lot near Katydid Lodge.

Expires January 1, 2023


Fall 2021

Welton’s Gorge
N 41° 29.344
W -81° 06.713

Take Overlook Trail to the Dogwood Trail and enjoy the view, but not too close.
We have naturalist guides to be your host: the safest way to see the most.
Keep down the gravel trail
to find a fork you’ll need to travel.
Choose left or right; you’ll do alright…
one way might be faster.
You might not see it from the trail,
but trust me, there’s a mighty maple here.
No need to climb these trees or vines.
Just pull a string and you’ll find this thing.

Expires October 1, 2022

Want to strike out on your own? Place Your Own Cache