Hunting & Trapping

Maintaining Our Parks' Populations Keeping the balance

Controlled hunting and trapping has been used to maintain healthy, balanced populations of plants and animals on park properties since 2007. It has proven a viable management tool and a proactive approach to our mission, and with residents involved in these goals, we all take stake in Geauga County’s natural resources together.

All hunters and trappers must complete Park District requirements, including qualifications and applications for permits, before conducting these activities on park property.

During controlled hunting dates, affected park properties that are typically open to the public will be closed, and rangers/signs posted at park entrances, from a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset.


Primary hunters must…

1. Be Geauga County residents.

2. Possess a valid Ohio hunting license.

3. Pass a proficiencies test at Chickagami Park. See below for more information.

4. Obey all Geauga Park District rules and regulations.

5. Adhere to ODNR rules and regulations for hunting conducted on park property.

6. Possess a map of property boundaries while hunting.

7. Not trespass on private property unless permission is granted by the landowner and the hunter is accompanied by a Geauga Park District ranger or appropriate law enforcement officer.

8. Not permanently construct tree stands or equipment.

9. Understand that permits are NOT transferable and dates are NOT negotiable.

10. Protect park property and resources from damage.

2023-24 Controlled Hunting for White-tailed Deer

To apply, please complete and submit one of the following forms, noting that applications missing any required fields will be automatically disqualified.

2023-24 Digital Hunting Application

2023-24 Hunting Application (to download & submit by mail or email)

Applicants may choose only one hunt method. Information about trapping in the parks is also posted to this website whenever it is available. To request other hunting methods, please contact us directly.

Hunters will be selected by random drawing and notified via email of acceptance and hunt location shortly after application deadlines. Permits are sent electronically and include hunt and location information.


Application Deadlines

Archery & Neighbor: September 1, 2023      

Shotgun & Youth Gun: October 23, 2023

Muzzleloader: December 1, 2023


Mandatory Qualification Dates

Qualifications are a prerequisite to the hunter drawing. Click here for details on qualifications, all taking place at Chickagami Park.

Saturday, July 29, 10 AM to 3 PM
Saturday, August 5, 10 AM to 3 PM
Thursday, August 31, 5 to 9 PM

Saturday, August 19, noon to 4 PM
Saturday, September 9, noon to 4 PM
Saturday, September 30, noon to 4 PM


Available Hunting Opportunities

Archery: September 30, 2023, through February 4, 2024 (applications due September 1, 2023)     

Please note that archery method applicants will hunt the Longo Property (Hambden), while those who apply for the neighbor method will hunt the following properties: Abela Property (Parkman), designated areas of Bass Lake Preserve (Munson), Becvar Property (Munson), Brede Property (Troy), Clause Property (Montville), Oakton Property (Claridon), designated areas of Orchard Hills Park (Chester), and Yoder Property (Parkman).

Youth Gun: November 18 & 19 @ The Rookery (applications due October 23, 2023)

Regular Gun: November 27 & 28 at Observatory Park;  November 30 & December 1 at The West Woods; December 16 & 17 at Big Creek Park (applications due October 23, 2023)

Muzzleloader: January 6, 7 & 8, 2024 at The Rookery (applications due December 1, 2023)


Disclaimer: After your completed controlled hunt, please notify Geauga Park District by emailing or calling 440-286-9516 with your harvest results. In order to successfully track deer harvesting, any hunter who does not submit their results by the end of their hunt may not be considered for future participation.

2023-24 Controlled Trapping

Geauga County residents may now apply to conduct controlled trapping of muskrat or beaver on park property. See the application below for additional details.

2023-24 Trapping Application (to download & submit by mail or email)