Park & trail alert


Sadly, the weather forecast is grim enough to warrant cancelling our Transit of Mercury program on Monday, November 11, at Observatory Park.

However, “Astro-Nat” Chris reminds everyone that no matter what the weather does, everyone with an internet connection can still watch the transit of Mercury thanks to NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite at this link!



The horse bypass at Holbrook Hollows is closed for the season. During this time, riders should instead utilize the boardwalk to cross the stream at this location. Signs will be posted.


Beginning the week of September 30, and intermittently for a few weeks thereafter, some work will take place at Orchard Hills Park and the north part of its McIntosh Trail will be closed for visitor safety. Signs will be posted.


As you plan your next visit to Big Creek Park, please note the following ongoing closures this construction season:

  • The Deep Woods and Wildflower trails are closed for shelter and trail improvements.
    (The parking lot at Deep Woods is still accessible, as is the Hemlock Trail, although the bridge remains closed as it is completed.)


For your safety during the execution of our annual Controlled Hunting & Trapping Program, Observatory Park will be closed this coming hunting season on Nov. 23 & 24 (youth gun), Dec. 2, 3 & 21 (gun), and Jan. 4 & 5 (muzzleloader).


Alerts on this page will be updated periodically and removed as soon these parks and trails have reopened, at which time updates will also be posted to our social media. Thank you for your patience.