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Geauga Park District strives to connect you with the most inspiring elements of the Great Outdoors, and when it comes to our programming, we're all synced up with this part of our mission. To find arts-focused programs, click Find a Program/Event above and, from the Choose an Interest drop-down menu, select Arts.

Please see our Special Events page for information about our upcoming Holly Days Artisan Boutique & Mistletoe Market and the Art Takes a Bough Community Art Show with Geauga Council for Arts & Culture.


22nd Annual Nature Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of this year's contest!

Child Categories
1st Place Poetry – "Water" by Charlotte Jons
2nd Place Poetry – "Come Take a Walk" by Anna Gracon
3rd Place Poetry – "Night Time" by Julia Fuchs
Honorable Mention Poetry – "Backyard Birds" by Maya Taylor
Honorable Mention Poetry – "Weeping Willow Ode" by Jade Gladue
1st Place Prose – "The Magical Smell" by Milo Humphreys
2nd Place Prose – "Out in the Countryside" by Jesse Oros
3rd Place Prose – "I wish to see more honey bees in our garden" by Shriya Selvan
Honorable Mention Prose – "The Squirrel" by Lauren Loveman
Honorable Mention Prose – "A Whole Day for Three" by Brianna Rotz

Adolescent Categories
1st Place Poetry – "Summer Time Memories" by Aisha Smith
2nd Place Poetry – "Signs of the Season" by Kelly Holl
3rd Place Poetry – "Winter’s Call" by Zoe Ferris
Honorable Mention Poetry – "A Canvas" by Maarika Haller
Honorable Mention Poetry – "Ubiquitous" by Maddy Massey
1st Place Prose – "Fair" by Kailyn Foutty
2nd Place Prose – "Morning" by Nora Vinson
3rd Place Prose – "Murder in the Garden" by Virginia R. Williams
Honorable Mention Prose – "Dandy" by Maddy Massey
Honorable Mention Prose – "Treehuggers" by Sarah Douglas

Adult Categories
1st Place Poetry – "Bless and Forgive These Iniquities" by Theresa Göttl Brightman
2nd Place Poetry – "Seasons of Life" by Brooke Rickettson
3rd Place Poetry – "The Date" by Rose Brown
Honorable Mention Poetry – "The Tree that Blooms Twice" by Laura Smith
1st Place Prose – "The Giant Along the River" by Ginny Taylor
2nd Place Prose – "Equine Prowess" by Sheryl Bush
3rd Place Prose – "The Bees Are Blooming" by Kate Dlugosz


Art Ideas for Kids
Inspired by the art in Nature, Girl Scout Shannon Stanforth established a children’s Nature art club for her Gold Award project in 2016. Working at different Geauga Park District parks in each season, Shannon led groups to create art projects depicting Nature through various mediums. Her project plans are made available here for others to enjoy. We hope you are inspired by the art in Nature, too!