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Conservation is the active care of preserved lands, and protection ensures the land remains for generations to come.
Controlled hunting and trapping is used to maintain healthy, balanced populations of plants and animals on Park District properties.
Time has proven it a viable management tool and a proactive approach to our mission. With residents involved in these goals,
we're all taking stake in Geauga's natural resources together.

All hunters and trappers must complete Park District requirements, including qualifications and
applications for
permits, before hunting or trapping on Park District property.




2016-17 Controlled Hunting Program for White-tailed Deer



July 31 All Archery & Gun Applications Due (Exc: Bass Lake Archery)
August 3 Lottery Drawing for Archery
August 10 Lottery Drawing for All Gun
August 12 All Bass Lake Archery Neighbor Applications Due
August 17 Notification of Archery/Gun Hunters
August-September Archery/Gun Qualifications
September 24 First Day of Archery Hunting
November 19-20 Youth Gun Season (Observatory Park)
November 28 & 29, December 3 Shotgun Season (Observatory Park)
December 17-18 Shotgun Season (Big Creek Park)
January 7 & 8 Muzzleloader Season (Observatory Park)
February 5 Archery Season Closes
March 1 Postcards Due re: Harvested Deer Count

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