• DiscARTed Recycled Art Exhibition People’s Choice Winners

    Congratulations to the following winners of the discARTed Recycled Art Exhibition People’s Choice Awards!

    Also, thanks to every artist who contributed to discARTed, now off display. We’ll do our best to make you aware of our next community art show because we’d really love to have you back.



    1st Place – Life in a Puddle by Munch Dulaney


    1st Place – Flower Fun by Timbertots program @ Geauga Park District

    2nd Place – Who’s the Tallest One? By Elena Havanchak

    3rd Place – Infinity Speed Rocket by Jackson & Hazel Runion


    1st Place – Garden Nature Scope by Russ Saghy

    2nd Place – Garden House by Wave Ward

    3rd Place – Treehuggers by Judy Campbell

    Honorable Mention – Elephant by Norm Johnson

    Honorable Mention – Cocoon Festoon by Tami Gingrich


    1st Place – The Pulley Light by Cleveland Art

    2nd Place – Lampslide by Dawn Marincic

    3rd Place – Things Forgotten by Cindy Ceroky

    Honorable Mention – The Day Bambi Skipped School by Herbee O’Connell

    Honorable Mention – Barn Beam Lamp by David Cvelbar