• New Family Fun Giveaway: Kayaks, Paddles & Life Vests

    What would it be like to win up to FOUR FREE KAYAKS, PADDLES AND LIFE VESTS, with the freedom to explore so many awesome Geauga County waters? Geauga Park District’s new Family Fun Giveaway offers a chance to find out!

    When you sign up for personalized email updates from the parks at bit.ly/gpdgiveaway2018 now through June 4, 2018, you’ll also be entered to win these prizes, with the paddles and life vests courtesy of co-presenter Great Lakes Outdoor Supply.

    “Coming in 2018, our new email lists will allow us to send you updates according to your family’s specific interests, whether you enjoy special events or Nature hikes, have kids in your home, or want to hear more about opportunities for seniors,” said Executive Director John Oros. “Plus, one of you will be the lucky family to win four new kayaks. Best of luck to you and your family!”

    Already signed up for our emails? Don’t worry – you can still sign up for the new giveaway using the same form and not receive duplicate emails.

    Read official rules for this Family Fun Giveaway here. Paper sign-up forms and official rules will also be available at The West Woods Nature Center, Big Creek Park’s Meyer Center, and Great Lakes Outdoor Supply in Middlefield. Just ask about it at the front desk or cash register.

    Co-presenter Great Lakes Outdoor Supply is dedicated to providing products and services for outdoorsmen, hunters and anyone with a taste for the enjoyment of the outdoors, with locations in Middlefield, Chesterland and Bainbridge.