Claridon Woodlands


11383 Claridon Troy Road
Claridon Township


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Extreme outdoor entertainment Live on the wild side with new recreation areas

This 127-acre park is home to forested areas of various ages, two man-made ponds and Cuyahoga River tributaries. Three trails total 2.2 miles. Recreation areas opening in the spring/summer of 2018 include a ropes course, pump track/single mountain bike track, freeform boulder wall and Nature-based playground.

Claridon Woodlands Facilities

Facilities Nature Meets Comfort

The shiny new Judge Lester Taylor Lodge brags a kitchenette, indoor restrooms and one stunning view. Public reservations opened April 2, 2018.

People Walking on Claridon Woodlands Trails

Trails Prep for Your Trip

A diversity of trails allow for hiking in the woods and biking over to The Maple Highlands Trail.

Habitat About the Wildlife

Dense forest beauty houses about 4,230 feet of pristine Cuyahoga River tributaries, not to mention the habitats created by Upper and Lower Pineside Ponds.

Time to Climb, Ride & Play New Park, New Recreation

Claridon Woodlands’ ropes course features platforms 32 feet off the ground linked by eight 23-to-32-foot-long challenge elements, aptly named Wobbly Logs, Tarzan Stump Traverse, Icicle Traverse, Beam, Railroad, Ride the Wave, Multivine and Wobbly XOXO. Ready to come back down to earth? Your exit is an exciting 100-foot-long zipline!

Ropes Course Waiver Form Safety Rules of Participation

Ropes course sessions will be available Wednesdays through Sundays 1 to 8 p.m., first come, first served, requiring a trained staff member’s assistance to ensure fun and safe adventures for all. One-hour sessions will be free to Geauga County residents but cost $20 per hour for out-of-county residents (credit card only, paid onsite). This inaugural season is scheduled to end in late September 2018.

Please note that anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to sign a waiver. Accompanying adults need not climb the course except under certain circumstances that may require it; please inquire at the course.

What is a pump track? It’s a circuit of rollers for mountain bikers to ride by “pumping,” the goal being to ride it repeatedly without pedaling. A connected 2,025-foot-long linear single mountain bike track features several 2-foot-wide boardwalk crossings.

Across the way, climbers can test their strength and strategy on a new 12-foot-high, 900-square-foot freeform boulder wall, and a Nature-based playground for kids includes log balance beams, a canoe sandbox, a log tunnel, a play cabin, boulders and other various climbing elements.