Mountain Run Station


12601 Chardon-Windsor Road
Hambden Township


Open 6 AM until 11 PM today

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Bring a Picnic or Get an "In" to The Maple Highlands Trail

This 32-acre park provides access to the central section of The Maple Highlands Trail. Its name comes from the hilly terrain of Geauga County, which reaches its peak nearby; thus, the Lake Branch of the former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad became known as “the mountain run.” Its free-to-use bicycle repair station was donated by the Cleveland Touring Club.

Mountain Run Station Picnic Shelter
Mountain Run Station Trails

Trails Prep for Your Trip

The station offers a short asphalt trail for multiple uses ranging from skiing to biking and running.

Deer in Mountain Run Station Habitat

Trail Etiquette

  1. Bikes yield to walkers.
  2. Keep right except to pass. Pass with caution.
  3. Announce that you are passing so as not to startle others.
  4. Move off trail when stopped.
  5. Yield to all law enforcement, maintenance and emergency vehicles.
  6. Respect private property; stay within trail corridor.
  7. Obey all traffic signs, especially stop signs.
  8. Yield to cross traffic at all intersections.