The Maple Highlands Trail


9280 Ravenna Road
Chardon Township


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20+ miles to blaze Hit this pride of Geauga

Three sections of this trail, connected through the City of Chardon and the Village of Middlefield, stretch a total 21.1 miles across the entire county featuring two award-winning covered bridges to the south. Three links to this trail add another 1.08 miles. Horseback riding is only permitted along the south section.

The Maple Highlands Trail Facilities


There are no facilities on the trail, but many surrounding parks provide restrooms and reservable picnic areas.

The Maple Highlands Trail


So many shared uses for this awesome length of trail - what might be your favorite way to use it?

Turtle in The Maple Highlands Trail Habitat


With more than 20 miles covered, a wide variety of natural habitats are home to varying ecosystems where wildlife encounters happens all the time.

Chardon & Middlefield What Else to Do?

Get Out 'n' Go Where to Park

Trail parking can be found at the following parks, listed north to south.

Additionally, since our initial planning and development of The Maple Highlands Trail throughout its different phases, we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with Chardon and Middlefield to provide the following parking locations for your convenience.

The Maple Highlands Trail Trail Etiquette

  1. Bikes yield to walkers. On the South Section, both bikes and walkers yield to horses.
  2. Keep right except to pass. Pass with caution.
  3. Announce that you are passing so as not to startle others.
  4. Move off trail when stopped.
  5. Yield to all law enforcement, maintenance and emergency vehicles.
  6. Respect private property; stay within trail corridor.
  7. Obey all traffic signs, especially stop signs.
  8. Yield to cross traffic at all intersections.