Tupelo Pond in Big Creek Park


9373 Ravenna Road
Chardon Township


Open 6 am until 11 pm today

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This area of Big Creek Park is accessible by two separate entrances, Tupelo Pond in Big Creek Park on Ravenna Road and Bridle Trails at 12000 Woodin Road. Two trails total 2.9 miles. Nearby, Big Creek Park’s main entrance offers nine more trails totaling 3.5 miles.

Tupelo Pond Facilities in Big Creek Park


Tupelo Pond in Big Creek Park is home to great views and activities, but doesn't offer facilities.

Tupelo Pond Trails


Tupelo Pond in Big Creek Park offers some favorite trails with hills and stream-crossings thrown into the mix.

Fish in Tupelo Pond Habitat


Enter on Ravenna Road and relax by a pond full of fish and aquatic plant species.