Woodin Road Park


12205 Woodin Road
Chardon Township


Open 6 AM until 11 PM today

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quaint, historical Pull over for Nature

This 4-acre park, the first property to be acquired by the Park District in 1964, is an easy pullover stop with a small parking area and picnic tables.

Mushroom Growing on Tree at Woodin Road Park

Facilities Nature Meets Comfort

Woodin Road Park is home to a sweet picnicking spot but no facilities.

Picnic Table at Woodin Road Park

Trails Prep for your trip

Woodin Road Park offers beautiful sites, but no trails.

Flowers in Woodin Road Park Habitat

Habitat About the Wildlife

Woodin Road Park provides public access to a very small tributary feeding Big Creek, which is part of the Grand River watershed, and examples of beech-maple forest.