General Information Why We Require Permits

Geauga Park District’s permit program authorizes uses on Park District properties that provide recreational experiences to our residents of every age, every ability and at all times of the year, and those that preserve, conserve and protect the natural features of Geauga County.

If you are considering using a Geauga Park District parks for any of the below for-profit activities, or you would like to conduct certain special activities in the parks, you will need to apply for a permit and pay any associated fees in order to host your activity/event.

It is imperative that you plan early as our shelters and activity schedule fill up fast. A permit is not valid until signed, approved and issued by Geauga Park District staff. Please send an email to or call 440-286-9516 with any questions or for assistance.

Also scroll down for information and to request your free permit to boat at Bass Lake Preserve.

Additional Permitting Special Uses

A special use permit is required to conduct certain activities in Geauga Park District, such as organized events, special equipment rental, after-hours use, catered events and entertainment. Some examples are parties (including clambakes), weddings, corporate meetings, memorial gatherings requiring special set-up, animal shows, tents, sporting equipment, and inflatables such as bouncy houses. If you have questions about special use permits and whether your event requires one, please just give us a call.

Please allow up to three (3) weeks for review. During that time, we will hold your facility for you, then report the success of your permit via mail or email.

To cancel a request or approved reservation, please notify us at 440-286-9516 as soon as possible.

The List For-Profit Activities That Require Permits

Commercial Park Use

A permit is required for any activity or program that is fee-based or hosted by a for-profit entity on any park property or in any park facility. Examples of activities and programs requiring a permit are instructional classes or activities as a for-profit entity such as yoga classes, painting, day camps, nature camps or any other program or activity requiring participants to pay any type of fee to participate. A permit will not be required for non-instructional, meet-up type, club rides, walks, or groups when a non-exclusive space is needed and there is no fee for participants. Without a permit, someone with a permit has the right to ask your group to leave the area or reserved facility.

  1. Single Use Permit (1 day) – $25
  2. Seasonal (up to 14 weeks) – $250
  3. Annual Permit (1 calendar year) – $350


Photographers must receive permission to shoot any for-profit portrait and commercial photography in our parks and facilities. A permit is required for photography such as engagement or wedding photography, senior pictures, family portraits, and any photography that will be used in the production of commercials, catalogs, magazines or any other marketing materials or filming.

  1. Single Use Permit (1 day) – $25
  2. Annual Permit (1 calendar year) – $250

Bass Lake Preserve Boating Permits

Boaters may have three outstanding permits at a time to float at Bass Lake Preserve. No cost is associated with these permits. Click here for complete information about boating in the parks. An approved reservation or permit may also be printed or view by logging in with the button below.

Request a Boating Permit


A permit is required for kayak/canoe rental liveries using park land for launching and retrieving canoes, kayaks or boats. In addition, a certificate of insurance and other information must be provided on the permit application:

  • Name of boat access sites to be used
  • Number and type of watercraft (ex: 40 canoes, 40 kayaks)
  • Peak use (highest number of watercraft that will be on the water at any one time)
  • Number of vehicles used to perform this service
  • Dates of service (ex: May 1 through Oct. 31)
  1. Single Use Permit (1 day) – $50
  2. Seasonal (up to 14 weeks) – $400
  3. Annual Permit (1 calendar year) – $500