• A report of less wildlife near Beartown Lakes


    We live near Beartown Reservation and have noticed a decline in wildlife sightings here including lack of deer, raccoons and birds. Has anyone else commented about this?

    Naturalist's Response

    Thanks for your inquiry of the wildlife at Beartown Lakes Reservation. No, we have not had other inquiries regarding wildlife populations in your area, but here are some thoughts on the topic that I can share.

    In the fall we can expect the local bird population to decrease due to some types of birds migrating south for the winter. Even our year-round residents may appear in fewer numbers as they move around their territories to forage for food and are singing less during non-mating season. Deer are in mating season and are looking for mates, so this may take them out off their summer territories as well.

    -Naturalist Renell Roebuck