• Advice on my project about technology vs. Nature?


    I'm doing this project for my spectra class and I would like to know the effect of technology on nature. I don't mean technology like tablets and computers even though that is one of the reasons. I mean things that humans do that affect nature. If you have any ideas can you please include things like, how we can help this problem, what the problem is, and how its affecting nature. Would you be able to answer a few questions for my project?

    Naturalist's Response

    This is an extremely complicated question! I guess I would just say that you may want to narrow the question down a little bit, as it is currently quite broad.

    You could take the route that experiences with technology (people using phones, computers, virtual reality, etc.) have replaced experiences with things in nature like getting outside (maybe check out stats for decrease in outdoor sports like fishing, hiking, etc.). This would result in people disconnecting from Nature, therefore not feeling as concerned about conservation and environmental issues.

    Or maybe you’ll want to look into this: now that people have access to GPS and camera phones, they are obsessed with “up close and personal” wildlife shots and selfies, could this lead to special habitats and vulnerable species being harmed by people’s efforts to get these shots?

    Like I said, there is a lot to what you are asking, and I don’t have the answers you’ll need.  I’d just encourage you to pick a specific topic and research possibilities. As with any environmental issue, there’s usually not just one “correct” solution. Hope this helps somewhat! Good luck!

    -Naturalist Nora Sindelar