• Insects on swamp milkweed?


    Any idea what these insects are??
    All over the swamp weeds seed pods!!
    Are they invasive??

    Naturalist's Response

    What a great patch of swamp milkweed! The insects on your plants are large milkweed bugs at various stages of development. Since they are true bugs, they use their piercing, sucking mouthparts to feed on the seeds of your milkweed.

    Despite the large number on your plants, the insects are native and not considered invasive. The large milkweed bugs are not a threat to Monarchs or other insects, either. Still, if you’re concerned about the numbers and impact on your patch of milkweed, the bugs can be manually removed and dropped into soapy water. Here’s a link with more information and pictures of some of the other insects found on milkweed plants:

    Insects Commonly Found on Milkweed 101 – Save Our Monarchs

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn more about milkweed insects!

    -Naturalist Dottie Drockton