• On keeping sparrows out of a bluebird box


    I have a bluebird house that the house sparrows took the bluebird eggs out of the nest. I just saw a YouTube video that if you put a skylight in the roof of the bluebird house with using plastic to cover the hole up the house sparrows will not bother/use the house. Does this work?

    Naturalist's Response

    I have not heard this before. I believe that the bluebirds will also not use the box. The best thing to do is clean out the box. Watch the box closely, and if the house sparrows build a nest, clean it out and keep cleaning out the box.

    If this keeps happening, you may also want to move the box farther away from buildings. House sparrows are very persistent, but they will eventually give up if you keep removing their nest.

    You can click here for the best source for Eastern Bluebird information. Good luck!

    – Naturalist Denise Wolfe