• Ladybugs or Asian Lady Beetles?


    It is Nov 7th and we are seeing a lot of red ladybugs. Are they actually ladybugs or perhaps the Asian ladybeetle?

    Naturalist's Response

    Thanks for inquiring about ladybeetles.  You are correct that the beetles you are seeing are in fact the Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetle.  This beetle was brought to the US to be a biologic control for soybean aphids and scale insects.  It has since become established, often to the detriment of our native species.  It is highly variable in appearance. It may be red, orange or yellow and have many spots or no spots at all. In the fall, these beetles start looking for places to overwinter and will search out sheltered areas like the attic or inside the walls of houses, out-buildings, woodpiles, etc.  You can find some more great information on them at this link.

    -Naturalist Linda Gilbert