• Could these be Carolina Leaf-Rollers?


    Hello, we've had some weird crickets on our deck and in our kitchen in Newbury all summer, and I just found out what they are: Carolina leaf rollers! I can't find much info online besides ID sites, but it seems that Ohio is really far north for them. Do you know if they're common here? Thanks!

    Naturalist's Response

    I looked into whether or not Carolina Leaf-Roller Crickets are common in Ohio. One of Ohio’s top naturalists, Jim McCormac, mentioned in his blog that they are not rare in our state, but are secretive and normally active at night. They spend the day within the safety of a rolled-up leaf, hence the name.

    I’ve included two maps from iNaturalist.org that show the distribution of the species in Geauga County as well as Ohio. Notice we don’t have many records in Geauga, which is most likely due to the reasons above. They are really neat critters!

    -Naturalist Linda Gilbert