• What might have bent my bird feeder pole?


    What is your best guess on what is doing this to black oil feeder? Notice suet does not seem to be touched. Pole is bent at the ground. Have never seen this pole bent this much by a raccoon. It is not a cheap thin pole like some. I live on Aquilla Road in Chardon, not far from Aquilla Lake but not in Aquilla Village.

    Naturalist's Response

    This is most likely not from a bear. Bears would have consumed the tasty suet immediately and would have splintered the bird feeder. This is the work of a raccoon, and possibly more than one, which would account for the bent pole. Raccoons can easily weigh more than 20 pounds and can do significant damage to feeding stations if they are hungry enough, especially right now, when they are starting to feed youngsters!

    -Naturalist Tami Gingrich