• Is this hawk OK?


    Have had a medium to large hawk in the yard since yesterday. Doesn't seem injured but not sure. Rather nervous to go outside. Doesn't seem particularly intimidated by people. Other birds and wildlife naturally seem agitated. Not unusual to see hawks but have never had one stay. Is this normal?

    Naturalist's Response

    Thanks for your question about the hawk in your backyard.  I wish there was a picture so I could see what species it is.

    While I can’t say for sure that anything is wrong with it or not, another possibility might be that it is an immature bird. In my opinion, some immature birds that have recently fledged aren’t very smart and haven’t yet learned to be wary of people. I have walked right up to immature woodpeckers at my bird feeder and they just stayed there looking at me. So that could be the case with your hawk.

    In the future, unless it appears injured in some way, I wouldn’t interfere with it.

    -Naturalist Linda Gilbert