• Red-winged Blackbirds in January?


    I spotted these Red-winged Blackbirds in my yard. I am surprised to see them in January - any explanation? Thanks!

    Naturalist's Response

    Nice find!

    Although the majority of our local Red-winged Blackbirds do migrate to warmer areas in the winter, it is not unusual to see small numbers remain in Geauga County throughout the winter.

    I have seen larger flocks, like the one you had in your yard some winters. But more often than not I see smaller groups and individual birds throughout the winter.

    Often it depends on the weather; the harder the winter, the lower number of red-wings that we see.

    In about a month or so, start listing for their “kon-ka-reeee” song, which is one of the true harbingers of spring! At that point, their numbers will dramatically increase in Geauga County and we’ll be rounding the corner to that warmer weather…


    -Chief Naturalist John Kolar