• What is so much cleared along the trails?


    Hello! While hiking at Sunnybrook Preserve today (Saturday, July 10) I noticed that a wide swath has been cut on both sides of each of the trails -- 4 to 6 feet, I would guess, and sometimes wider. I'm wondering why the Parks did this, there must be a reason and I am curious to know what the reason is! And thank you for removing the downed trees that had fallen across the trails entrance.

    Naturalist's Response

    Thanks for your question! I’m told by our operations and natural resource management staff that we usually cut (brush hog) a pass on each side to keep woody material from taking over and encroaching onto the trail. This also helps maintain proper drainage along the trail. Typically we try to do so annually along most of the trails if they are not in turf and mowed regularly. We have also done a lot of restoration work around the stream there over the past year, so perhaps you encountered some of the disturbance there during your visit.

    -Sandy Ward, Marketing