• What kind of spider is this?


    Can you please provide an ID on this spider, taken outside of its apparent burrow? Do you think that the burrow was spider-excavated, or a hole not of its own making? Thanks.

    Naturalist's Response

    This is an awesome picture of a Field Wolf Spider (Tigrosa helluo). It is pretty common, and often found in buildings including houses. These are important predators. Here is some interesting information on these cool creatures from the Ohio Division of Natural Resources Common Spiders of Ohio Field Guide:

    • Because of their large size, field wolf spiders inspire considerable fear when discovered indoors. This fear is not justified, as they rarely bite, and only if provoked. Their bite is not considered dangerous.
    • The very narrow pale yellow line up the center of the dark brown carapace, continuing between the eyes, is distinctive of the field wolf spider.
    • Field wolf spiders may retreat into cracks in the soil or build shallow burrows.
    • More information on this and other spiders found in Ohio can be found here.


    -Nora Sindelar, Naturalist