• Where can I view River Otters?


    Where are the best places to look for a chance to see River Otters? When is the best time of day?

    Naturalist's Response

    River Otters have made a tremendous comeback in the state of Ohio, and I happy to say that they can be found in Geauga County in several of our parks! I have personally seen River Otters, or at least signs of them, in the following Geauga Park District parks: Eldon Russell Park, Bass Lake Preserve, The West Woods, The Rookery, Burton Wetlands Nature Preserve and Headwaters Park.

    River Otters are most active at dawn and dusk. Best viewing locations are Eldon Russell Park, from the boat launch and along the River Trail, and Bass Lake Preserve (best viewed via boat, but if you’re lucky, you may view them from the boat launch area).

    Winter is a great time to view otters, too, especially when there is a bit of ice on the river and lake. Again, dawn and dusk are the best times to view. Be patient, quiet, sit still and keep your eyes wide open for them! Good luck!

    -Chief Naturalist John Kolar