• Who was the namesake of Welton’s Gorge?


    I recently experienced the new Welton's Gorge park this weekend and it left me wondering, who was Welton? I noticed off the trail there was a crumbling fireplace and chimney, could this have part of the home of Mr. Welton?

    Naturalist's Response


    We are currently researching the history of the Welton’s Gorge property. We do know that the gorge was named after Lewis Welton, who was born in New Haven County, Connecticut, and came to Geauga sometime around 1830. The Geauga County tax map from 1830 shoes Mr. Welton owning the property at that time.

    As for the chimney, we know that this could not have been part of the residence of Mr. Welton. The building was apparently made of sheet metal and would have been built after Welton’s time.

    Stay tuned for more information! We are learning new things every day and plan on installing a trailside sign about the history sometime in the near future.

    -Naturalist John Kolar