• Why did this tree grow this way?


    What would cause this kind of odd tree growth along the Old Ironsides Trail in Holbrook Hollows?

    Naturalist's Response

    I have read in the past that it is caused by an injury to the tree when it was younger and something like another larger tree that’s no longer there could have been growing next to it and forced it to develop that way. -Naturalist Denise Wolfe

    I would agree with what Denise said. There might also have been a larger tree that fell on this tree as a sapling and forced it to grow this way. -Chief Naturalist John Kolar

    Yep. Goes like this: tree falls across another tree, bending its crown to the ground.  Branch on the bent tree takes over, growing upward for the sun.  Eventually, upper part of bent tree dies away, as does the broken or uprooted tree that fell over it. -Naturalist Dan Best