• Worried about so many snappers


    I live on Cedar Road, east of The Rookery. I have a snapping turtle on my premises which I believe is a female because she appears to be laying eggs in a pile of landscaping stones. I have no problem with a turtle or two on the property, but I really don't want 2 dozen. Would you be willing to take a look and move the eggs to The Rookery after she leaves?

    Naturalist's Response

    Indeed, this past couple of weeks have been egg-laying time for painted and snapping turtles. Hen turtles have been conducting “eggs-peditions,” sometimes venturing far from their aquatic homes to find a suitable sunny spot to dig their egg pit and deposit their clutches. I appreciate your concern in inquiring about relocating the clutch, but I don’t think this would be a very successful venture. Odds are, raccoons or skunks will dig up and eat the eggs before long. Even if left undisturbed to hatch, I don’t thing all the hatchlings would stay on your property, all piling into your pond. They would disperse to find a pond or wetland to call home, not all in the same area. They would also have to run a gauntlet of predators on their march to the marsh or ponds, even yours, where a host of predators will further thin their numbers.  Best to let Nature take its course. -Naturalist Dan Best