• A variety of birds

    Date: May 24, 2022 at 5:40 pm

    Location: Swine Creek Reservation

    Wildlife Seen: Seven different birds Bird watching while bike riding

    Behavior Observed:

    I was bird watching while I was fitness bike riding on the bike trail. The biking exercises my body and the study of birds exercises my mind. I suggest others do the same. I saw an Eastern Kingbird; an Eastern Bluebird; a Killdeer; two American Robins; one male Brownheaded Cowbird; and numerous Sparrows that I could not precisely identify because I only got a brief glance. I submitted my observations to “ebird,” the Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology, and I suggested to them that this is “birding hotspot.” Hopefully, others will “bird and bike” and send their data to “ebird” so as to make a contribution to ornithology.