Volunteers are an integral part of Geauga Park District’s ability to carry out its mission. Due to their dedication, Geauga Park District is able to offer more opportunities for the public to enjoy its natural features. We truly appreciate their commitment!


Volunteer Portal


At this time, we are not recruiting new volunteers.

Volunteers get the opportunity to participate in nearly every aspect of Geauga Park District’s daily operations: education, operations/maintenance, natural resources and more. As a Park District volunteer, you choose which programs and projects you will participate in and how much time you give. You also stand to gain lifelong friends, knowledge and skills through experience and training, health benefits associated with exercise, and the understanding that you are making a positive impact on Geauga County.

All volunteers ages 18 years and older must complete a criminal background check. Youth volunteers under 15 years old must be accompanied by background-checked volunteer guardian.


Geauga Park District would be honored to host your Eagle Scout or Gold Award project! Interested candidates should first visit their Geauga parks to brainstorm project ideas. Successful proposals identify an area of need aligned with our mission, or a creative and sustainable project that supplements our mission.

Staff consider all proposed projects, but cannot possibly accommodate them all. Likewise, alternative concepts may need to be developed.

To propose a project, please complete and return this Scout Service Project Application.


Geauga Park District offers student service opportunities for high school requirements and graduating senior mentorship/shadowing programs. Volunteering looks great on college applications and resumes!

With interest, please reach out to Andy directly.


Geauga Park District offers larger, single-day projects for groups, businesses and organizations.  Many of these projects are seasonal and typically appropriate for up to 20 people.  The following is a list of our standard projects.

  • Garlic Mustard Removal – April & May
  • Bioretention Swale Cleanup – February & March
  • Trash Cleanup on Maple Highlands Trail – March, April & May
  • Gardening – spring through fall

With interest, please reach out to Andy for more information.


Andy Avram
Naturalist / Volunteer Coordinator


The West Woods Nature Center
9465 Kinsman Road, Russell, OH  44072