• What’s the Buzz? People’s Choice Winners

    Congratulations to all the following People’s Choice winners of the What’s the Buzz? Insect & Arachnid Inspired Art Exhibition your art spoke to people in a very special way.

    If you haven’t visited the show yet, but you’d like to, do not delay: it’s still open daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but only through April 26!


    1st Place – Barn Spider by Giana Dragolich, age 11, Huntsburg

    2nd Place – Ladybug by Rowenne Arnold, age 4, Chardon

    3rd Place – Bugs in Sunset by Gabriella Grace Johnson, age 10, Middlefield

    (All youth entries are also awarded a participation ribbon)


    1st Place – Oh Ah On Io by Rosie Skocdopole, Aurora

    2nd Place – Night by Judy Campbell, Jefferson

    3rd Place – In His Hands by Sharon Fedor, Chesterland

    Honorable Mention – Day by Judy Campbell, Jefferson

    Honorable Mention – The Snail & The Ladybug by C. Lynn Arnold, Chagrin Falls


    1st Place – Web of Dreams by Sarah Rose, Hilliard OH

    2nd Place – Here There Be Dragons by Sarah Rose, Hilliard OH

    3rd Place – Persistence by W. Eric Broviak, Poland OH

    Honorable Mention – Luna Moth & Wysteria by Tami Gingrich, Middlefield

    Honorable Mention – Entomology 100 by Linda A. Kelley, Mentor


    1st Place – Pansy the Praying Mantis by Michael Salinger, Mentor

    2nd Place – Grasshopper Greg by Michael Salinger, Mentor

    3rd Place – Spyder by John C. Squire, Munson Twp.

    Honorable Mention – Blue Morpho Beauties by Danielle Magdych, Burton

    Honorable Mention – Spiderweb on the Fly by Andrew “Ash Mystic” Herman, Aurora

    Honorable Mention – Mazie’s Garden by Felice Dahlhausen, Solon